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Feel like bringing on some big fat revolutionary change?

Now is the time, sweetheart

Ever feel like you're standing at the threshold of your own greatness, but something's holding you back? 

Time and efforts go by, and you start feeling that your life is sleeping between your fingers?

You're Overwhelmed and Underwhelmed

You're ticking all the right boxes, most people would kill to be you. But instead of feeling alive and fulfilled, you feel dead inside and can’t explain why. You wonder why you’re the only one who always seems to want more.

Your Sex or Love Life is Backed Into a Corner

You've explored everything you could put your hands on, yet your deep sexual energy feels like a beautiful, unread book gathering dust on your shelf. You feel called to start your Tantric journey, but you’re not quite sure how.

You're Afraid of Being Your Full Self

The thought of fully embracing both your spiritual and sexual energies terrifies you. What if you become "too much" for people to handle? So you hold back, dim your light, and it's draining your soul.

I've journeyed for many years down the very path you're hesitating to walk. I've felt the tug-of-war between what I thought I should do and the deep, unspoken desires of my own soul.


That's why I'll hold your hand through it all, celebrating your whole self, every part of who you are. Especially the parts you don't quite like.

What's Included

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Engage in private online sessions every other week or weekly for urgent matters. These one-hour meet-ups are your space to focus on core desires and work deeply on transformation.

Regular Check-Ins

Between our sessions share your thoughts, ask your burning questions, and keep your eyes on the prize. I've got your back, making sure you're on track and fully supported.

Personalised Resources

Receive custom practices, curated reading lists, and research topics. These tools help you dive deeper, integrate wisdom, expand horizons, and accelerate your path to fulfilment.

Let’s start

"Her reassurance, empathy and loving energy really helped me to find clarity and also to feel empowered! 

Sandrine has a very calming effect and I always left our sessions feeling elevated."


- Janka

What You'll Gain

  • Unlock freedom and bliss you never knew existed, and unleash your inner raw power.
  • Experience life-altering transformations that set you on a new, exhilarating path.
  • See life, love, and sexuality with newfound clarity—like you're waking up for the first time.
  • Gain crystal-clear insights into your desires and the roadmap to achieve them.
  • Fall in love with your vibrant, ecstatic body and tap into its deep wisdom.
  • Discover layers of yourself that go beyond self-awareness to soul-awareness.

Ready to take the leap into more freedom, fulfilment, and sacred sexuality? 

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