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"Sandrine coached my partner and I through a series of tantric coaching sessions. 

She was so incredibly intuitive about what we needed, and made us both feel at ease and comfortable in our sessions. After just one session, we were able to really open up in complete trust of her ability to guide us through vulnerable practices. We were able to go deep with her calm, compassionate, non-judgmental, professional, and caring presence.    

The practices and tools we were taught during our sessions with Sandrine are in our relationship tool belt now, and we are both so grateful for that. My partner and I had some of the most incredibly deep, powerful and bonding experiences together being guided by Sandrine’s tantric expertise. 

I’d also like to add that having made the commitment to a series of sessions made it so that we had to carve out time to connect and deepen our partnership, (which is so important!) but it can be a challenge for us to make time for these things unless we make a solid commitment to them.

Integrity and kindness shines out of her being.

Thank you to Sandrine! We are so grateful that we got the opportunity to work with her."

- Brooke and John

"Sandrine really is a wonderful coach. I would very much recommend her to anyone seeking enlightenment through tantra. She is extremely wise, intuitive, and completely natural and attentive. She is a light to the world! I am only one week into coaching with her, and already there is so much evolution and synchronicity. She is divinely sent for sure! Merci, Sandrine!"

- Ollie Alexander, PhD, MD


"Her reassurance, empathy, and loving energy really helped me to find clarity and also to feel empowered! Sandrine has a very calming effect, and I always left our sessions feeling elevated."

- Janka


“Sandrine has a way of calming me the moment I step into her class, in a way that feels very genuine and comes from acceptance and a love for humanity.

I enjoy listening to her speak. I can hear what she says clearly and find it easy to follow her. When she speaks, I get a sense of confidence that she means something very specific and that I understand it.

I like what she teaches us. I think it's healthy and will help me find more joy and love in my life.

When I do her exercises, I can feel myself exploring my mind-body connection and learning more about my desires and about human nature.

I have full confidence in her and I'm so happy that I found her.”

- Andrei Robu, 31


"Sandrine created a beautiful, safe space, and I felt she really listened to me from her heart with so much care and compassion. The space she created really helped me to fully open up and show my vulnerability without shame, which was hugely powerful for me. Even when my tears came, she kept the space safe and calm. I felt so supported, which is something that is rare for me."

- Sarah

"I was very intense and charged. You're really a good coach—so grounded, structured, empathetic, and warm. You're going to go very far. I really enjoyed it. Lovely to have that guidance."

- Donal, CEO

"I attended this wonderful event. It was a magical experience! You beautiful beings are embodiments of love, sensuality and a very high level of consciousness of your beautiful souls and bodies. I really enjoyed the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and vibe and we the participants felt very much at home and bonded together in no time. I look forward to attending more of your magic soon! 😍 ❤️ 🔥 "

- Shahab Sattar on the Sex Magic Tantra with Friends Workshop

"Thank you for this powerful, transformative, and deeply enlivening Tantra Initiation Workshop. It was inspiring, healing, and helped me to dissolve blockages and experience the aliveness within. Sandrine & Ciaran have a beautiful synergic style of teaching and share a sparkling chemistry. Together they create a safe space to explore old boundaries and new possibilities. They teach and share their knowledge in a professional, accessible, and joyful way for participants to implement directly at the workshop but also to apply them later in everyday life and relationships. They are living examples of teachers and electric humans who fully embody what they teach and preach. I'm looking forward to growing even more into my full expression with their support and empowerment."

- Dagmar Baumunk

"In July I was a participant in Corfu and Arillas in Greece. I thought I would give myself this festival and immerse myself in what I knew so far about Tantra. The experiences I had there, with truly extraordinary Tantra teachers, touched and inspired me deeply. This week was truly transformational for me. There were no tantra massages, but a spiritual space with several Osho meditations every day, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance and, last but not least, the orgasmic heart mediation, which changed everything for me. The community, the Tantra teachers, this quality impressed me deeply. And I just thought to myself, THIS is what I want to learn!!!!"

- Türkan Möller

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